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Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage

Hey everybody, let's more than double the minimum wage in Richmond. I'm sure the people that are currently making $10.55/hr won't mind that the guy mopping the floor making the same wage as them. Or maybe everybody will get a comparable raise - that won't have any effect on company budgets.

Where do they get their statistics?

The federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour has not been increased since 1997, however, the cost of living has increased ten-fold.

I don't know about you folks, but mine hasn't. And I got married and had a kid.

it is unbelievable that most of the jobs that pay wages more than minimum wage, (5.15 per hour) are being farmed out to workers being brought into the city from other areas and other states.

Yeah, those damned companies bussing in out of state employees. How many of these yahoos live in the Fan and work in Henrico? I'm sick of those out-of-county workers coming here and taking our jobs. Get out of Innsbrook and go downtown, foreigner!

Not to mention that raising the minimum wage in the city would affect the people that work in the city, not live in the city, so the prime beneficiaries of this would be those "workers being brought into the city from other areas and other states".

Please help us to help empower our fellow citizen's to "break the grip of poverty!"

Umm, okay. Let's say we do raise the minimum wage. Everybody has more money to spend. Well, "the poor" do at least because I doubt I'm getting a raise out of this. Anyway, everything's hunky-dorey for a while, until prices rise to match the new income level and the fact that their payroll now costs a lot more. Then the people at the low end of the spectrum are back at the poverty level, it's just a higher dollar figure. Only now there's more of them because you now have all those folks that were making ten bucks an hour before and doing okay now making minimum wage in an inflated price environment. Good job. Nice use of the apostrophe, by the way.

These are your tax dollars that are leaving Richmond and being spent elswhere!

How? Are they talking about city employees living outside the city? In any case, given that Stony Point is the only mall in the city limits, a lot of people in Richmond spend their money outside the city regardless of how much they make. I just don't get the point they're trying to make here.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the other thing. If Richmond raises the minimum wage to $10.55 and the surrounding counties don't what do they think thet will do to the job market in Richmond? I can tell you that every minimum wage worker in the area will try to get the Richmond jobs. The pressure that the larger employee pool will put on the available jobs will pretty much guarantee that the less qualified people in the city will not be able to get a job at all, where they might in the current environment. Now they've put the most marginalized citizens out on the street. I wonder how they feel about that.

The problem with a bleeding heart is that it pulls blood from the brain yet is so seldom fatal.


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Jun. 30th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
lets not forget that most of the people making less than 10.55 will just lose there job altogeather. those that stay on and make 10.55+ will have to take on the workload. actually this may help some businesses because with unemployment thru the roof you can take your pick as to who you hire to do even the most menial work.
Jun. 30th, 2005 01:43 am (UTC)
Yeah, but at $10.55 it isn't worth it for most menial jobs. The product of the labor just isn't that high. Say at $5.15 it's worth it to me to pay somebody to sweep up and clean the bathroom in my theoretical store but if I have to pay $10.55 I'll do it myself.
Jun. 30th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
Let's not also forget that all those jobs getting extra pay mean that prices will skyrocket... and force all the consumers to buy stuff in the surrounding counties, which then means that all those paying $10/hr will be laid off. Yeah, that will fight poverty real well. They'll all have to move out of the city.
Jul. 20th, 2005 03:27 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to gripe... and yeah, $10.55 would be ridiculous and throw the economy of Richmond Waaaay out of balance.. but raising the minimum wage AT LEAST to $6 would make it just a lil bit easier for families to put food on their tables. I'd like to know when the last time any of you tried to live on Minimum Wage. Yeah yeah, I know. Go educate yourself and earn a better pay... well ever look at the price of education recently either? Hmm.. So take out loans! Good idea! Only the jobs you get directly out of education, don't always equal out to being able to REPAY loans and pay rent, and food, and gas, and car insurance, and health insurance, and everything else that comes along w/ being a healthy responsible adult. But see then there's also the problem of figuring out how to split your time between studying for a better education, which takes away from hours you would normally be working at a minimum wage job, which equals out to even less money than the lil scrap you've been getting so far.

And honestly, I have a fairly nice job right now, and I'm well above minimum wage, but I've worked the low paying jobs, and find that the more money I make, the less work I do. I've busted my balls for $6.20 an hour, only to see a snotty person making $28 an hour walk in and turn their nose up at me for getting my hands dirty. What happened to appreciating a lil hard work?

But back to the $10.55, not even California's minimum wage is that high! So its ridiculous to think that'll happen in Richmond anytime in the next 50 years. So don't stress over something completely unlikely... but at least feel some empathy for those people mopping your floors.. they're just trying to make a living in this world just like you. And the fact is, you're NOT willing to mop your own floors.. so don't look down on the ones that are.

Jul. 20th, 2005 04:56 pm (UTC)
Where in my post did I say anything negative about people working for a low wage? I'm not looking down on the people who are working for minimum wage. People that work hard to support themselves and their families are the backbone of this country and deserve our respect.

The people I'm thumbing my nose at are the people that wrote that manifesto. It's full of holes big enough to drive a truck through. The cost of living has increased 1000% in 8 years? I don't think so. They also seem to have no grasp of economics and what wage pressures do to prices, or what increasing one locality's minimum wage would do to the economy and workforce of the entire region.

the more money I make, the less work I do

It isn't just about physical labor, it's about skillset and responsibilty. Yes, digging a ditch is back-breaking work (I know, I've done it), but it doesn't take a lot of skill and is thus easily replaced. It isn't physically harder, but the guy laying out the irrigation plan makes more money because his job requires more skill. Plus, if the irrigation plan doesn't work and floods the wrong areas, who do you think gets blamed - the guy who dug it or the guy who planned it?

You also seem to think that the only way to make more than minimum wage is to get an expensive college education. I'll have to disagree with that one, as I make a good amount of money with nothing more than a high-school diploma, a good mind, and a decent work ethic. Well, that plus fear, surprise, and a comfy chair.

There will always be people who are at the bottom end of the pay scale, and those people will always be struggling. It doesn't matter if the bottom end is $5.15 per hour or $15.00. The cost of living will rise to meet the rate of pay - period. Raising the minimum wage is a temporary patch at best, and raising one area's minimum wage far above the surrounding areas will cause more problems than it solves.

And, as a matter of fact, I do mop my own floor. As for the businesses I frequent - who mops their floor, and how much they're paid, is between the business and the employee.

For the record, paying somebody a wage that is more than the job is worth isn't empathy, it's charity.
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