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Is anyone planning a counter-rally to this?


How does that song go again….

It’s the end of the united states as we know it, but I don’t feel fine.


my favorite parts

It includes ambitious security and prosperity programs to keep our borders closed to terrorism yet open to trade.

The SPP builds upon, but is separate from, our long-standing trade and economic relationships. It energizes other aspects of our cooperative relations, such as the protection of our environment, our food supply, and our public health.

The Leaders also announced the creation of North American Competitiveness Council to fully incorporate the private sector into the SPP process.


Donald McEachin has lost his flipping mind

I got a notification from the Lobbyist-in-a-Box service from the General Assembly today about new legislation that I might be outraged at
interested in. I highly recommend this service for you law-watchers out there.

One of the more annoying was HB181 which would allow uniformed police officers discretionary warrantless arrest powers for traffic violations. That means if you fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, maybe get arrested. Follow too closely, maybe get arrested. Turn or change lanes without using a signal, maybe get arrested. And so on and so forth, ad nauseum.

This law is clearly designed to allow cops to arrest "suspicious" looking people for damn near anything. Kind of funny that McEachin would propose this as he was a co-sponsor on HB2504 in 2001 that was aimed at identifying racial profiling in traffic stops and I'm pretty sure that this would make "driving while black" an arrestable offense.

Jul. 7th, 2005

Is City Hall wasting millions?

I'm going to go with 'yes'.

My favorite part of the article:

City officials say "they have been unable to do so stating there are 'problems with DMV records,'" the task force report said. "Sources at the DMV report that there are and have been chronic problems with Richmond's record keeping."

I'm going to have to go with DMV on this one. I got a tax bill for my cars this year from the City, even though I've lived in Henrico for three years and DMV definitely knows this. Who has the faulty records?
Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage

Hey everybody, let's more than double the minimum wage in Richmond. I'm sure the people that are currently making $10.55/hr won't mind that the guy mopping the floor making the same wage as them. Or maybe everybody will get a comparable raise - that won't have any effect on company budgets.

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I was checking out the bills before the General Assembly today, and I found this gem: HB1912. This is essentially a parental notification bill for the pledge of allegiance. Am I wrong to be upset by this? I think not. Students are already under enough pressure to conform without having to worry about the school pulling the parent card on this one. It's one thing if the kid is being disruptive, it's quite another if all he's doing is excercising his first amendment rights.

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Richmond LP social hour

Tonight at 6pm until 8ish

Commercial Taphouse Grill, 111 N Robinson Street (across from the Retreat Hospital parking deck)

Look for the miscreants with the guns. We are usually upstairs.
man this community is rockin i cant believe i didnt find it sooner.